RAS Medical Supplies, Inc. is organized as a Corporation in the state of California and possesses all the necessary documentation, licenses and records required by state and federal law to operate a Durable Medical Equipment Business.


The Mission of RAS Medical Supplies Inc. is to bring Quality, Value and Satisfaction to our customers.


To be the leader in durable medical equipment quality and customer satisfaction.


• Provide hand-picked quality products to our customers.
• Provide value with every product that we sell.
• Strive to provide a high level of customer satisfaction.


RAS Medical Supplies Inc. has earned The Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval.

We Deliver Quality

The equipment you ordered can be delivered and setup at your residence or facility. The delivery technician will answer all questions and ensure you are educated on the proper usage of your new equipment. Follow up visits may also be scheduled to ensure your continued satisfaction.

RAS Medical Supplies,Inc. rents and sells durable medical equipments. We accept Medicare, Medical, as well as private insurances.

Contact us today for your medical equipment needs.

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